Commute concerns arise due to the closure of the I-55 bridge

The closure of the I-55 bridge for major repairs until later this month has caused concerns among drivers whose daily commutes will be affected. Memphis, Tennessee is currently facing a situation where the bridge will remain closed for some time, and residents are left to deal with the inconvenience.

According to TDOT officials, the closure will come to an end on June 23, weather permitting.

As a ride-share driver, Alex Phillips is deeply concerned about the impact of the bridge closure. He believes that it will not only have a significant effect on his job but also on how his family shops for groceries.

Phillips stated that they use the Walmart located across the bridge, which happens to be the closest one to them. The bridge is a crucial factor in their decision, and they do not wish to go elsewhere.

The Tennessee Department of Transportation has announced that they are currently renovating the I-55 Bridge deck by adding a new concrete overlay. Additionally, the construction work on the I-55 and Crump interchange will also continue as planned by the workers.

The I-55 south ramp on the Tennessee side will be closed, and the north side will also be closed at South Parkway. However, local traffic will still be allowed to proceed to the McLemore exit. Additionally, the Crump Boulevard westbound route will also be closed on the Tennessee side.

Drivers heading to Arkansas will encounter a closure on the southbound interstate at Bridgeport Road. Fortunately, a detour to I-40 is available to assist motorists in crossing the Mississippi River.

Mid-South drivers are preparing for the upcoming travel disruptions. For instance, Rainey Harris, who commutes over the bridge multiple times a day for work, is concerned about the closure’s significant effect on her businesses.

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