Investigation by 3OYS: Jordan Leah Sullivan’s criminal background uncovered through records

According to public records obtained today, Jordan Leah Sullivan has had previous encounters with the law, including a DUI charge in 2015, prior to the fatal crash. This information was revealed in Jackson, Mississippi.

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In traffic court, Jordan Leah Sullivan admitted to the charges and pleaded guilty.

The driver’s inability to maintain control of the vehicle resulted in erratic weaving, ultimately leading to the offense.

A fine was imposed on her, which she was obligated to pay.

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In June of 2015, she faced charges of meth possession and DUI in Winston County, Mississippi, one year after her previous incident.

After admitting her guilt, she was enrolled in the drug court program, which mandated her to undergo treatment.

Back in November of 2015, she found herself in trouble with the law when a warrant was issued for her arrest due to her violation of the terms of the drug court.

In April 2016, Winston County issued a bench warrant against her for violating the terms once again, this time for possessing methamphetamine.

According to the report, she has confessed to using methamphetamine at least four times and her drug test results came back positive for the substance.

Sullivan tried to pass off a fake urine sample.

She received a prison sentence of three years in May 2016 after being expelled from the drug court program.

Her driving privileges were suspended for six months as per the court’s order.

According to the documents, her driver’s license could not be collected by the court.

After completing a little over a year in prison, she was granted parole.

As of now, Sullivan faces charges of Aggravated DUI, as she is accused of driving in the wrong direction and causing the death of Tyra Small-Jackson.

After being charged with aggravated DUI, she was able to post a $250,000 bond and is currently out on release.

Attorney Vic Carmody explains that when determining the amount a defendant must pay, a judge considers various factors.

Carmody suggests that posting a bond is a way to guarantee a court appearance. If the individual has ties to Mississippi, such as a job or family, and has no other options to leave the country, hiring an attorney could lead to a reduction in the bond amount.

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Mississippi’s lack of a vehicular manslaughter law meant that Sullivan couldn’t be charged with the offense.

When a driver causes a death while under the influence, they may be charged with general manslaughter or, in cases like Sullivan’s, Aggravated DUI, which entails a harsher punishment.

If she is convicted, she could face a prison sentence of 5 to 25 years.

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