Queen of Jordan calls for US to use ‘political influence’ to bring about peace in Gaza

Queen Rania al Abdullah of Jordan urged the international community to use its “political leverage” to pressure Israel into allowing more aid into Gaza and putting an end to the ongoing war.

During a pre-recorded interview on CBS News’s “Face the Nation,” moderator Margaret Brennan pointed out that President Biden had previously cautioned Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu about potential changes in U.S. policy if Israel’s tactics were not altered. She then asked Queen Rania for her opinion on whether she believes the U.S. is beginning to leverage its influence.

“There has definitely been a shift in tone and language. The President has been actively urging and attempting to persuade Netanyahu, for instance, to avoid entering Rafah. However, we have consistently observed Israeli officials disregarding the warnings and advice of their allies,” she stated.

According to her, it is crucial for the international community, including the United States, to utilize their political influence in order to pressure Israel into ceasing the conflict and allowing humanitarian aid to enter the region.

Israel has been increasing the delivery of humanitarian aid to Gaza in recent weeks, although there are still calls from international leaders for further assistance to prevent a famine in the region.

Queen Rania’s remarks coincide with discussions about a cease-fire, with Secretary of State Antony Blinken and other U.S. officials urging Hamas officials to agree to the terms of a cease-fire.

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