Insurance premiums increasing for Kia owners due to rising number of Kia thefts

Maria Bulger believed that she had made a wise business decision when she bought a 2017 Kia Soul Plus.

The vehicle offered plenty of storage space and impressive fuel efficiency, making it an ideal choice for anyone running a catering business.

According to Bulger, once you drive off the lot with the car, you may not encounter any issues. However, over time, your insurance costs start increasing significantly. Bulger shared this concern with Channel 2’s Michael Doudna.

In April of last year, Bulger states that she was paying $246 per month to ensure comprehensive coverage for both her Kia Soul and Toyota. However, after selling the Toyota towards the end of the year, she noticed an increase in her insurance premiums.

The current offer to provide coverage for her Kia is $465 per month, which is the best offer available.

“I can’t make this work for me,” Bulger said, emphasizing the fact that she is a single woman running her own business.

According to Bulger, despite having a clean driving record, her insurance premiums have skyrocketed due to the notorious Kia Challenge. In fact, her insurance costs now exceed her monthly car payment.

Consumer Advisor Clark Howard expressed his dismay, stating, “This is a terrible situation where unfortunate events befall innocent individuals.”

In 2023, the most stolen vehicles included six models from Kia and Hyundai, with the top three spots being dominated by these brands.

According to Howard, owners have seen an increase in their insurance premiums, even though it is not their fault.

According to Howard, individuals are not at fault for owning a car that thieves find desirable. He argues that this unfortunate situation leads to exorbitant insurance costs and ultimately disadvantages the consumer.

Bulger drives a Kia Soul Plus, a car equipped with additional security features that address the vulnerability that makes Kia vehicles prone to theft. Surprisingly, insurance agents have informed her that these security enhancements do not make a difference.

According to Bulger, people often fail to distinguish between one Kia and another Kia. To them, it’s simply a Kia.

Bulger shared with Channel 2 Action News that she made the choice to let her coverage lapse rather than pay unaffordable premiums. As a result, her Kia now remains parked in her driveway while she uses her son’s car. Nevertheless, she remains hopeful that a solution will be found to address this issue.

“It feels like I’m stuck in a never-ending cycle, where no one wants to step up and take responsibility. The car dealers, the insurance companies, and even Kia themselves are all avoiding accountability,” Bulger expressed frustration.

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