Indianapolis Zoo Addresses Claims Of Escaped Lions

Mocobizscene- The Indianapolis Zoo has addressed social media reports claiming that lions have escaped from their facility, dismissing the reports as “fake news.”

The zoo clarified on Thursday through X that the rumors of lions escaping from our facility are not true. It seems like April Fools’ Day has arrived in December!

The image that has been circulating on social media was captured by a safari trail camera in Africa. It is important to clarify that all the animals in the image are safe and unharmed.

Late Wednesday, Not Necessarily Kokomo News shared the image (above) on Facebook from White River State Park in Indianapolis.

Be cautious while you’re out and about, as a couple of animals managed to escape from the Indianapolis Zoo. The incredible moment was captured on a trail cam along the White River at 6:37 pm. However, it is strongly advised not to approach them for your own safety.

By mid-morning on Thursday, the post had already received an impressive 23,000 shares. According to another post, the lions had escaped from the Nashville Zoo.

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