In Approximately 25 Years, Certain Cities in Texas Will Be Submerged

According to Climate Central’s interactive map, a number of cities in Texas and throughout the United States will be submerged by 2050.

It’s alarming to know that numerous cities in Texas face the danger of severe flooding, and the situation is only going to worsen. In fact, it’s predicted that within the next 25 years, several towns will be entirely underwater. This timeline may seem distant, but it’s a concern that requires our immediate attention.

KTSM reported that…

In Texas, projections show cities on the state’s southern coastline have the highest risk of being underwater by 2050. Cities like Galveston and Bayou Vista appear at risk of heavy flooding during annual high-water events according to the map projections.Just southwest of Galveston, cities like Sargent and Freeport also see their coastline underwater, according to the projections. – KTSM

The ongoing floods are still affecting the lives of people residing in the Somerset Levels. According to KTSM, heavy flooding periods will result in Oyster Creek and the Town of Quintana being completely submerged.

As per the Climate Central projections, the wildlife area below Port Arthur and the region between Beaumont and Rose City will be completely flooded. Bid farewell to all the islands located close to Corpus Christi as well.

Here’s where you can view the isolated projections for Texas. As flooding continues to rise, the potential loss of both human and animal life is a major concern. Moreover, the cost of the damage caused by flooding is expected to be staggering.

Cleaning up after severe storms and hurricanes can result in significant amounts of debris. However, the aftermath of this particular event is expected to be much more daunting.

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