Implementation of Hands-Free Driving Law imminent, ALEA intensifying enforcement this weekend

Alabama drivers are being reminded by state troopers that they can be pulled over if they are caught holding their phones while driving, even before the official enforcement of the hands-free driving law next month. The Alabama Law Enforcement Agency (ALEA) is emphasizing the dangers of distracted driving, highlighting that even a momentary distraction like looking down to text or use GPS can have deadly consequences. This reminder serves as a crucial way to protect not only the driver’s life but also the lives of others on the road.

According to research, distracted driving is responsible for approximately 7% of all driving fatalities.

The Hands-Free Driving law, which passed in June last year, had a one-year grace period during which law enforcement could only give warnings. However, as of June 1, drivers can now be fined $50 for their first offense and receive a point on their driving record. Subsequent offenses will result in a $100 fine and an additional two points on their driving record.

Trooper Quang Vu has highlighted the importance of being vigilant during this holiday weekend, particularly when it comes to drivers using their cell phones. He urges people to remember that the potential dangers that come with a momentary distraction are simply not worth it.

According to Quang, it is now illegal to hold a phone while driving, regardless of whether you are texting, reading a text, browsing the internet, or entering a GPS address. He advises drivers to rely on their passengers to assist with tasks like internet searches or reading text messages.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, car accidents claim the lives of approximately 2,200 individuals during Memorial Day weekends on average. It is worth noting that distracted driving plays a significant role in some of these tragic incidents.

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