Mitt Romney Applauds Biden’s Foreign Policy Remarks In State Of The Union Address

In his State of the Union address, President Joe Biden received praise from Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT) for his remarks on foreign policy. Romney commended the president, acknowledging his “good job.”

“I’ve just returned from President Biden’s State of the Union address,” Romney shared in a video posted on social media after the event. “In terms of foreign policy, I believe he did a commendable job. It is crucial for the United States to support Ukraine in standing up against Putin. Putin is truly a despicable and malevolent individual.”

Romney praised his opponent’s remarks on Israel and the importance of providing humanitarian aid to the Palestinian people in Gaza. He believed that these points were particularly strong and well-spoken.

But the senator did not stop there; he proceeded to condemn the remainder of Biden’s speech, which included his criticisms of Republicans.

When he got into domestic policy, I’m afraid it was the same old liberal playbook, at least that’s the way I saw it. I mean, there was some new chapters, but the same idea, which is, “Here’s some things I’m gonna give you, here’s some more things I’m gonna give you, here’s why I’m gonna crack down on big companies and rich people,” and I think people have gotten tired of that. They know he can’t deliver all those promises because any promise he makes has to get Republican votes and he’s not gonna get Republican votes for those things. And I think they also know that the cheap shots on Republicans are probably missing the mark.

According to Romney, one of the biggest mistakes made by the former president was his failure to address the issue of the deficit and the debt. Romney believes that Democrats, in general, tend to avoid discussing this topic.

In his analysis, he remarked, “The speech was highly political and unlikely to make a significant impact, with a positive focus on foreign policy but a rather negative stance on domestic policy.”

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