Illegal substances and firearms discovered at DeKalb County residence following neighbor complaint

A neighbor’s complaints have resulted in a drug bust at a residence in DeKalb County.

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DeKalb County police took immediate action and made an arrest following a concerned citizen’s report of illegal drug sales occurring at a residence on Trent Walk Drive in Stonecrest.

Authorities discovered a significant amount of illegal substances during the search. Specifically, they found 123 grams of marijuana, 233 grams of cocaine, 58 grams of lidocaine, 111 grams of fentanyl, 28 grams of crystal methamphetamine, 21 grams of Oxycodone, 11 grams of hydrocodone, 43 grams of morphine, 43 grams of ecstasy, 3.7 grams of amphetamine, and 13 vape pens.

During the investigation, DKPD discovered a total of four pistols and one rifle.

The authorities have not disclosed the identity and age of the suspect, who has been subsequently incarcerated at the DeKalb County Jail.

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