Identification of the 4 victims killed in I-75 crash

The authorities have now disclosed the identities of the four individuals who lost their lives in a tragic accident on Interstate 75 in Bartow County.

The crash occurred on Sunday evening at approximately 6:15 p.m. in the southbound lanes. The Bartow County Coroner’s Office has now officially identified the victims involved in the accident. The individuals who tragically lost their lives are: Dakarai Mason, aged 43, Erin Mason, aged 35, and Brandon Crawford, aged 15, who were all in one car. Additionally, Aimee Odom, aged 21, was in a separate vehicle and also lost her life in the incident.

All five victims who were injured in the incident are from Cartersville, although their names and conditions have not been disclosed.

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According to the Georgia State Patrol, a Kia van veered off the road while traveling on I-75 northbound and crossed the grass median into the southbound lanes.

A van collided with a Chevy Tahoe and a Toyota 4Runner, which in turn was struck by a commercial truck. According to troopers, a Hyundai SUV also rear-ended the Tahoe.

Three individuals were tragically killed at the scene of the accident – the Masons, Crawford, and Odom, who was driving the 4Runner. The driver of the Tahoe was airlifted to the hospital by a medical helicopter. Additionally, paramedics transported two children from the van, as well as an adult and a child from the Hyundai SUV, to receive medical attention.

It is currently unclear what caused the van to cross over into the southbound lanes, according to troopers.

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