Ian Ziering, Star of ‘Beverly Hills, 90210’, Brutally Assaulted by Bikers on Hollywood Boulevard

Mocobizscene- At 6:19 PM PST, authorities have filed an official report identifying Ian as the victim. The police are currently conducting an investigation and have not made any arrests at this time.

According to sources in law enforcement, they are currently investigating the incident and are in communication with the individuals involved. It is still unclear whether any arrests will be made in connection with the incident.

Ian Ziering experienced a terrifying incident in Los Angeles when he was attacked by a group of unruly bikers. This distressing moment was captured on camera, marking a terrible end to his year.

Ian Ziering, the beloved actor from ‘Beverly Hills, 90210’, experienced a frightening incident on Sunday when he found himself in the midst of a group of assailants. These individuals were riding motorized mini bikes and recklessly maneuvering through the traffic on Hollywood Blvd. Unfortunately, it appears that Ian’s vehicle may have been struck by one of these bikers.


The altercation concluded with Ian returning to his car and driving away, as did the bikers who swiftly departed. It seems that law enforcement was not notified, leaving the situation unresolved in the public domain. One could argue that the scene resembled a scene from the movie “Sharknado,” albeit with a touch of humor.

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