House GOP PAC spends $2.3M on attack ads against Tom Suozzi in support of Mazi Pilip in special election for Santos’ seat

The House Republican Super PAC is launching a full-scale assault on Democrat Tom Suozzi, unleashing a barrage of attack ads worth $2.3 million. These ads will run for the next two weeks, strategically timed to support Republican candidate Mazi Pilip in the special election on February 13th. The election serves as an opportunity to fill the vacant seat left by the expulsion of former GOP Congressman George Santos.

The Congressional Leadership Fund is investing heavily in both television and social media advertisements that criticize Suozzi for his perceived leniency on border enforcement.

This comes at a crucial time, as a recent poll indicates a tight race between Suozzi and Pilip in the 3rd Congressional District, which encompasses Nassau County and parts of Eastern Queens. Currently, Suozzi holds 45% support, while Pilip follows closely behind with 42%.

The Republican Party is trying to catch up in the advertising battle. Suozzi and the Democrats launched a relentless advertising campaign targeting Pilip, flooding the airwaves with millions of dollars worth of TV ads. These ads painted Pilip as a staunch Republican aligned with Donald Trump’s “MAGA” movement.

According to a source within the Democratic party, Suozzi and the Democrats have invested a total of $5.8 million in the race so far. On the other hand, Pilip and the GOP have spent $1.8 million.

“Mazi Pilip is the clear choice for voters who see through Tom Suozzi’s disingenuous change of tune. It is evident that Suozzi’s actions would only exacerbate the current crisis. Pilip, on the other hand, offers a genuine and effective alternative.”

Pilip continued to emphasize this point on Sunday, drawing a connection between Suozzi and Governor Kathy Hochul. She alleged that Hochul was redirecting funds from Long Island school districts to support migrant services in New York City.

“I am deeply angered by the governor’s choice to allocate an additional $500 million towards migrant services, while simultaneously reducing funding for our local schools by over $10 million,” expressed Pilip, a Nassau County legislator and a mother of seven children who immigrated legally.

In response, Suozzi fired back on Sunday night, accusing Pilip of evading a debate and dodging questions about her stance on various issues.

According to Suozzi, Mazi Pilip’s campaign strategy of avoiding direct contact with voters, evading important issues, and relying on soundbites from party leaders is inadequate for addressing immigration concerns. Suozzi emphasizes the need for more active and engaged approaches to effectively tackle immigration challenges.

“The resolution to immigration issues can only be achieved through a collaborative effort involving both parties, where stricter border security measures are implemented alongside sensible reforms that effectively put an end to illegal immigration while also establishing a pathway for individuals who abide by the regulations.”

Kim Devin, the senior campaign manager for Suozzi, has accused Pilip of evading public scrutiny and stated, “There is a lack of knowledge about her and her stances, yet she and her influential backers in the national Republican Party are resorting to desperate and completely untrue allegations against Tom Suozzi.”

Tom Suozzi has consistently prioritized the well-being of Nassau and Queens. In the face of national Democrats’ attempts to demonize and defund ICE in 2018 and 2019, he courageously challenged his own party and cast his vote in favor of supporting and funding ICE.

According to her defense, she stated that Suozzi’s statement to “kick ICE out of Nassau County” was justified because “rogue ICE agents drew their weapons on Nassau County police officers.” She emphasized that both Suozzi and the former Nassau County police commissioner took a strong stance against ICE for endangering the citizens of Nassau County.

Hochul’s office dismissed Pilip’s criticism about reduced funding for certain Long Island school districts.

According to a spokesperson for Governor Hochul, the FY 2025 Executive Budget has allocated a record-breaking $5 billion in school aid for Long Island, marking an increase of nearly $1.4 billion since Governor Hochul assumed office.

The funding distribution for each district was determined using a mathematical formula that considers various factors, including student population, inflation, and local wealth.

It is worth noting that almost 75% of the affected school districts have experienced a significant decline in student enrollment, with a decrease of more than 20%, as reported by the governor’s office.

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