Hollywood celebrities honor the memory of KTLA 5 entertainment reporter Sam Rubin

On May 11, numerous Hollywood celebrities turned to social media to express their condolences for the loss of Sam Rubin. The veteran entertainment reporter from KTLA 5 passed away at the age of 64 due to a heart attack.

Rubin has been the anchor for the station’s morning program since 1991.

KTLA 5 announced on Friday that they are deeply saddened to report the passing of Sam Rubin.

Sam, a prominent figure in the local news industry and entertainment world, had a long-standing presence on Los Angeles morning television. Known for his infectious laughter, charisma, and genuine kindness, he left a lasting impact on everyone fortunate enough to cross paths with him. Above all, Sam treasured his roles as a devoted husband and father. Our heartfelt condolences go out to Sam’s family as they navigate through this challenging period of grief.

The news of the sad event garnered an immediate and strong reaction from online users.

Ryan Reynolds, in his own words, expressed his genuine appreciation for Sam, despite both of them being on their 85th interview for the day. Reynolds always looked forward to seeing Sam because of his kindness, curiosity, and unique questions.

Ron Howard expressed his heartfelt condolences on the passing of Sam Rubin, acknowledging him as someone who was always positive, kind, and enjoyable to engage with both on and off the air. The Hollywood community and industry mourn the loss of Sam Rubin, recognizing the void his departure has left behind.

Octavia Spencer expressed her sadness upon hearing the news of Sam Rubin’s passing. She fondly remembered him as a delightful presence and conveyed her condolences to his family and fans.

Ken Jeong expressed his deep admiration for Sam Rubin, highlighting his unwavering support for not only his own career but also for numerous others. Jeong fondly recalled Rubin’s excellent sense of humor, which brought joy and laughter into their lives.

Kiefer Sutherland expressed his fond memories of Sam Rubin, whom he last spoke with at the Critics Choice Awards this year. He remembered Sam’s constant smile and genuine enthusiasm for everything related to Hollywood. Even in nerve-wracking situations, Sam remained a source of kindness. Kiefer Sutherland acknowledged that he will miss him.

He was not only a good person but also a loving father and husband. My heart goes out to Sam’s family and all those who have been fortunate to have him in their lives. Sending all my love to Sam’s family. Love you, @SamOnTV.

“Sam Rubin, the entertainment maven, will be deeply missed. He was not only a genuinely good guy but also the go-to person in town,” expressed Michael McKean.

Kate Flannery expressed her disappointment upon hearing the news. She shared her heartfelt sentiments, stating that Sam Rubin was truly exceptional and she had the pleasure of seeing him just a few weeks ago. Flannery admired Rubin for his genuine and kind nature. The loss of such a remarkable individual is deeply felt by everyone, including @KTLA.

“I cherish the moments I spent with Sam. May he rest in peace,” expressed Eric Stonestreet.

Yvette Nicole Brown expressed her shock and sadness upon hearing the news, stating that she considered @SamKTLA a friend. She fondly recalled the times she had the opportunity to visit him at KTLA and emphasized the importance of cherishing life and making the most of every moment. Brown urged others to express their love to the people who matter to them.

Leah Remini, a well-known actor, recently shared her experience of being interviewed by Sam Rubin multiple times. Whether it was on the red carpet or during her calls into KTLA’s morning show, Remini has had numerous encounters with Rubin.

According to her, Sam had a remarkable ability to put the people he interviewed at ease. This quality made them feel comfortable and secure, resulting in a multitude of meaningful and unforgettable responses to his insightful inquiries.

Sam provided comfort to countless people in Los Angeles, consistently appearing on our screens during both joyful and challenging moments. It is important to acknowledge that despite facing attacks from Scientology whenever he interviewed me, Sam never allowed it to deter him from interviewing me again. I will keep Sam’s KTLA family, including his children Perry, Rory, Darcy, Colby, and his wife Leslie, in my thoughts and prayers.

Dave Foley expressed his dismay, saying, “This news is absolutely terrible.”

“I always cherished the chance to engage in conversations with Sam Rubin while working in the entertainment industry,” he expressed. “In fact, I was eagerly anticipating our upcoming meeting in a few weeks. Sam was an integral part of the vibrant Los Angeles community. His absence will be deeply felt.”

Hannah Waddingham expressed her deep sadness and was taken aback by the news of the passing of this truly delightful man.

I was always struck by how much of a gentleman he was every time we spoke or saw each other. Whether it was in person or online, he exuded a sense of gentleness and was always impeccably informed. His passion for his work was endless. It’s truly shocking to see this news. Goodnight, dear man.

Doug Jones, an actor, expressed his sadness over the passing of Sam Rubin, a renowned TV entertainment journalist. He fondly remembered Rubin as someone who was always kind and genuinely interested when interviewing people in the industry. Hollywood has truly lost a legend. Rest in peace, Sam Rubin.

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