Jasmine Crockett’s Empowering Response to ‘Bleach Blonde Bad-Built Butch Body’ Ignites Twitter Trend

Texas Rep. Jasmine Crockett’s interaction with Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene caused quite a stir on social media recently. The hashtag #BleachBlondeBadBuiltButchBody started trending on X (formerly known as Twitter), and numerous content creators joined the conversation.

The remixes keep coming

As people enthusiastically rallied behind Crockett and even went as far as changing their usernames to reflect the catchy phrase, the comments section became a breeding ground for numerous musical remixes. In response to this overwhelming support, Crockett created a dedicated thread to gather all these creative contributions.

DJ BH Logic has created a perfect blend by combining Crockett’s remarks with another viral diss of the year, Kendrick Lamar’s “Not Like Us.” This was an inevitable move that has now become a reality.

Naturally, there were other hip-hop mixes that were also shared.

Comedian and AI storyteller, King Willonius, shared a Motown-inspired rendition of Crockett’s remarks.

On Monday morning, Crockett shared a tweet from Black Knight, co-host of the “Pardon the Insurrection” Podcast, featuring a new track. The song comes with an explicit content warning.

Crockett and colleague continue to stand up

Crockett made an appearance on CNN on Friday to address the congressional controversy. When asked if she had any regrets about her choice of words against Greene, Crockett confidently stated, “I have no regrets, and let me explain why. If you give her an inch, she’ll take a mile.” Crockett went on to emphasize that she was not elected to be someone’s doormat, highlighting her determination to stand her ground.

Some of Crockett’s fellow House members are still supporting her. According to California Democrat Robert Garcia, Marjorie Taylor Greene is solely responsible for instigating the chaos and dysfunction during our Oversight hearing. Garcia further demands that the Georgia Republican apologize and be stripped of her committee assignments.

New York Representative Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, who stood up for Crockett during the committee meeting in a well-known and memorable “baby girl” exchange with Greene, took to Twitter to express her disapproval of those who were trying to find fault with both sides involved in the heated confrontation.

Congress remains deeply divided amidst an election year, ensuring that legislative clashes will persist throughout the summer. Recent events suggest that social media users will not be disappointed, as they find amusement in the ongoing political drama.

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