Historic building engulfed in flames, located opposite the site of the famous Krispy Kreme fire

Firefighters in Atlanta are currently engaged in combatting a raging fire that has broken out at a historic building located in close proximity to the downtown area.

A video captured by a viewer has revealed flames emanating from the old Atlanta Eagle and Original Kodak Moments buildings located on Ponce De Leon Avenue Northeast.

Atlanta police reported that they received a call regarding a building fire in the vicinity of Ponce De Leon Avenue NE and Argonne Avenue NE. Upon receiving the call, officers immediately responded to the scene.

Currently, there have been no reported injuries as officers assist with traffic control in the area. Multiple lanes are currently blocked off to ensure safety.

Built in 1898 and 1905, the Atlanta Eagle and Kodak Buildings have a rich history.

In celebration of National Pride Month, Mayor Andre Dickens unveiled the Mayor’s Division of LGBTQ+ Affairs Biennial Report on Thursday afternoon.

Last fall, the buildings situated near the iconic Krispy Kreme were in close proximity to the store’s reopening following a devastating fire.

Investigators have revealed that in February of 2021, an intentional fire was set along the exterior of the building, leading to the closure of the business.

The cause of the fire is currently unknown, as there are no specific details available at this time.

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