Hilarious Video Shows Golden Retriever Giving a Side-Eye to a Crying Baby

Social media is awash with endearing videos of babies that showcase just how sweet and adorable they can be. It’s no secret that these little ones have the power to melt hearts, even those of our animal companions who can’t resist their charm. However, much like us humans, our pets also need a break from the frenzy that comes with having a baby around. Sadly, Biscuit the Golden Retriever is in for a tough ride as his owners’ newborn isn’t likely to quiet down anytime soon.

Biscuit, the cheerful Golden Retriever, certainly adores his human sister, although it may take some time for him to warm up to her completely. Currently, she has been known to cry frequently, which can be a bit overwhelming even for Biscuit’s easy-going personality. Despite this, he tries his best to push through these tough moments. Nevertheless, Biscuit’s facial expressions may give away his true emotions!

Michael captions his video with the statement, “It’s going to take some time for Biscuit to adjust to his new little human sister!”

Watch the video above and witness Biscuit’s priceless reaction as he contemplates, “Why is she always so dramatic?” while his human sister sobs in the background. People all over are relating to Biscuit’s thoughts while also finding the situation highly amusing.

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