Gwinnett County BBQ restaurant’s customers anticipate re-opening following fire caused by lightning strike

The patrons of a beloved barbeque joint in Gwinnett County are eagerly anticipating its reopening following a recent lightning strike that caused damage to the roof.

The owner and employees received an overwhelming amount of support on Wednesday, as people showed up throughout the day to offer their encouragement after the unfortunate incident.

According to firefighters, it was a lightning strike that led to the destruction, which could potentially keep the business shut down for several months.

Shirley Swink, a satisfied customer, expressed her fondness for Sonny’s, stating “It means a lot to me.”

Upon hearing about the damage at Sonny’s BBQ in Lawrenceville, Swink felt the need to witness it firsthand.

She expressed her hope that they would reopen.

According to Samuel Shelton, one of the employees, the lines connecting the pole to the building turned solid red after he heard a pop.

As the fire blazed, employees swiftly guided customers to safety outside while firefighters bravely fought the flames, which proved to be a difficult task.

According to Capt. Ryan McGiboney from the Gwinnett County Fire Department, they had to install a few aerials due to the high temperatures and concerns about the nearby power lines.

The flames were extinguished by 8:30.

Investigators quickly concluded that the cause of the fire was lightning.

The drive-thru area at the rear of the restaurant incurred the majority of the damage. Despite the setback, there are those who remain optimistic that the closure will not last long.

Fortunately, no one was hurt during the fire at the restaurant, even though the customers and staff were present inside the building when it broke out. The prompt action taken by the firefighters prevented any casualties from occurring.

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