Internet Consulted for Guidance After Mother’s 4-Year-Old Child Insults Classmate’s Weight, Initiating Significant Discussions

Parenting can be challenging, but it doesn’t mean you have to face it alone. Brittany Cole, a mother, recently encountered a situation with her daughter that left her puzzled. During conversations about her day at school, her daughter would sometimes describe her friends based on their physical appearances, specifically using the term “fat” to identify some of them. While her daughter wasn’t saying this directly to her friends, Brittany started to worry that unintentional harm could be caused in the future.

Brittany faced a challenge when it came to her daughter’s perspective on the word “fat.” Unlike society’s negative connotation, her daughter used the term in a positive manner, even applying it to herself or family members. Recognizing the movement to redefine “fat” as a neutral descriptor rather than an insult, Brittany shared her dilemma online to seek advice and opinions from others. She wanted to maintain her daughter’s positive view while addressing society’s perception of the word.

The discussion about what Brittany should do became quite intense. Since society still views the word “fat” negatively, there are individuals who have strong opinions about how such a situation should be addressed.

When a Kid Called a Classmate Fat, This Mom Reached Out For Advice

Finally, Brittany decided to heed the advice of those who suggested gently redirecting her child’s attention away from physical descriptors, rather than solely fixating on the word “fat.” In the video below, Brittany elaborates on her decision and shares her thoughts.

A mother shared her approach to body image with her 5-year-old son, highlighting the importance of not commenting on other people’s bodies. She also mentioned that she actively discourages the use of words like “fat” or “skinny” around her child, emphasizing that such language is not used in their household.

Brittany aims to shift her child’s focus from physical appearances to hobbies or interests, in order to emphasize the importance of these aspects over looks. Every parent communicates with their child in their own unique way, and this approach seems like a wonderful choice. It’s heartwarming to witness parents supporting and assisting one another, even without personal connections.

One person acknowledges that the mere act of asking any question indicates that you are a great mom.

“There are those who truly understand it,” another person affirms. “You’re doing an excellent job.”

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