Gulf Coast waters to be cleared of nearly 20 abandoned ships

A nonprofit, a local business, and a state agency have partnered together to remove over a dozen derelict vessels scattered across the Mississippi Gulf Coast. This effort is a positive step towards cleaning up the area and ensuring that these boats no longer pose a danger to the environment or public safety. The removal of these vessels is a testament to the power of collaboration between organizations and highlights the importance of protecting our natural resources.

A Biloxi harbor witnessed a boat sinking two years ago, which has been left abandoned since then. However, the vessel is now set for a new life, as it will no longer catch fish. Instead, it will serve as a habitat for marine life.

Amanda Nalley, the communications manager of Gulf of Mexico Alliance, explains the project that involves transforming a previously abandoned vessel into a fish habitat. The aim is to create an ideal location for fishing and to ensure the long-term preservation of the Gulf’s ecosystem.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has granted funds to the Gulf of Mexico Alliance, a nonprofit organization, to eliminate abandoned vessels that are polluting the waters along the Gulf Coast.

According to Nalley, derelict vessels pose a multitude of problems. These abandoned boats not only create navigational hazards, but they also contain materials that can be harmful to the environment and water quality. Additionally, they can inadvertently trap fish and other species within them, causing further harm. Sadly, these vessels often remain abandoned for years, exacerbating the issues they cause.

Gulf Stream Marine, a local business, has taken on the task of removing the abandoned boat from the Bay, gutting it, and then sinking it in the Gulf of Mexico. This process is known as reefing, and it will be carried out with the assistance of the Mississippi Department of Marine Resources.

Nalley explains that their primary responsibility is to unite people from different regions across the Gulf of Mexico. He believes that the Gulf of Mexico should not be limited by state lines and therefore works with individuals from state and federal agencies, industries, and non-profit organizations. Their goal is to collaborate and work towards enhancing the Gulf of Mexico’s overall well-being.

Over the next four years, the Mississippi Gulf Coast will see the removal of approximately 20 abandoned ships.

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