Grieving mother of Gwinnett teen murder victim anxiously awaits his return

Dozens of family and friends gathered on Tuesday to pay tribute to the 18-year-old aspiring chef who was tragically shot and killed outside his home in Gwinnett County over the weekend.

Timothy Henderson, an 18-year-old, met a tragic end when he was shot and killed at the Herrington Mill Apartments on Saturday night around 11 p.m. The Gwinnett County police have identified the murder suspect as 19-year-old Raheem Whiteside. However, at this time, Whiteside remains at large and has not been apprehended.

TJ, also known as Henderson, leaves behind a mother who is grieving and finding it difficult to cope with living in the apartment near the location where her son lost his life.

“I can’t help but be overwhelmed by the flood of memories,” expressed Lashika Almond, his mother. “Every day, I find myself eagerly anticipating his return, hoping to see him walk through that door.”

Channel 2 Gwinnett County Bureau Chief, Matt Johnson, covered the heartwarming scene as a group of loved ones assembled at the complex on Tuesday evening. They came together to release balloons in honor of the teenager who tragically passed away. It was a poignant moment, especially knowing that the young boy had been eagerly looking forward to beginning culinary school in July.

“It was hard for me when he left without saying those three little words,” Almond expressed, with a hint of sadness in her voice.

According to police, Henderson lost his life during a robbery that took place just before the shooting. The authorities have not yet disclosed the precise motive behind the incident.

After the murder on Saturday, Whiteside was promptly identified as a suspect.

Henderson’s mother believes that receiving justice will contribute to her healing process.

“He shouldn’t have done anything that would have cost him his life,” she said.

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