Greek island authorities begin search for British TV doctor Michael Mosley who has gone missing

Authorities have confirmed that a search operation is underway on the Greek island of Symi to locate Michael Mosley, a British TV presenter who has gone missing. The search was launched after Mosley was reported missing, and authorities are urging anyone with information to come forward.

According to a report by national Ekathimerini, 67-year-old BBC presenter and Daily Mail columnist, Mosley, who gained fame for introducing the 5:2 diet, has been reported missing by his wife, Clair Bailey, on Thursday morning.

According to Bailey’s report to the police, Mosley had been on his way from Agios Nikolas beach to Pedi since Wednesday afternoon and hasn’t been in contact since then.

According to BBC News, Deputy Mayor Ilias Chaskas stated that the search-and-rescue mission is concentrating on the perilous Pedi region of the island, where a woman reported seeing him walking on a road on Wednesday.

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According to the Mayor of Symi, Lefteris Papakalodoukas, the region is challenging due to its rocky terrain. Additionally, he mentioned that Mosley vanished during a period when the island’s temperature was unbearably high.

According to the newspaper, he mentioned that the conditions were so extreme that anyone could faint.

According to Papakalodoukas, Mosley had planned to take a walk that would have taken around 90 minutes.

According to The Guardian, Greek authorities have revealed that they will be utilizing a helicopter and highly trained canines to aid in their search operation.

“The search for him has engaged every possible service available,” stated the police chief in charge of the operation. “This morning, he was reported missing, and now the search involves the police, firemen, and volunteers,” he added.

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