GOP’s abortion stance could be influenced by the 2024 RNC platform for the first time in decades

According to members of the platform committee and allies of former President Donald Trump, the Republican National Committee is in the process of drafting a party platform for 2024. This new platform may bring about changes to the GOP’s stances on crucial matters such as immigration, same-sex marriage, and abortion. These reforms are expected to align with the beliefs of Trump, who is still considered the leader of the party by many.

Back in 2016, when the Republican Party was nominating Trump for the first time, they adopted a strict and conservative stance on issues related to gender and sexual orientation. Despite the efforts of some moderate faction within the party to soften the language, the platform remained unchanged. Fast forward to 2020, amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, the party committees found it challenging to convene and make adjustments to the platform. As a result, an identical platform was approved, and Trump was once again chosen as the party’s nominee during the convention held in Charlotte, North Carolina.

When a political party presents its platform, it essentially communicates its stance on both domestic and foreign policies. However, it’s important to note that the platform isn’t legally binding, and it doesn’t directly affect the actions of elected officials or candidates. In the case of Trump, he ran on a platform in both 2016 and 2020 that endorses a federal abortion ban at 20 weeks. Going back to the 1980s, the Republican party’s platform has consistently expressed support for a constitutional amendment that would protect the sanctity of human life, including unborn children.

In 2024, the GOP will draft their first platform since the Dobbs decision, which abolished the constitutional right to an abortion more than two years ago. The platform could have a significant impact on defining the principles of the party that was reshaped by the former president. He has made it evident that he is against a federal ban and believes that the responsibility of this matter should rest with individual states.

Some anti-abortion activists and members of the RNC are concerned about Trump’s stance on reproductive rights. They worry that the platform may not include the call for a “right to life” amendment this year.

In June, an ABC News report revealed that the former president’s key advisors are working towards streamlining and downsizing the party’s platform to align it with the former president’s vision for America’s future. The memo, sent to the platform committee, outlines plans for the overhaul and reduction of the platform.

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According to a senior Trump adviser who spoke to ABC News, the 2024 primary elections were won by him in a manner that made history.

According to the adviser, the party’s will is embodied by him. They also mentioned that some of this will be incorporated into the platform.

During a CNN interview on Sunday, Senator Marco Rubio of Florida, who is considered as a leading candidate to be Donald Trump’s running mate, expressed his support for removing the abortion ban from the Republican Party’s platform.

Rubio believes that their platform should align with the nominee’s position, which is based on reality. As per Rubio, the recent Supreme Court ruling overturning Roe v. Wade means that voters in individual states will have the power to decide the extent to which they want to restrict abortion, if at all. While some states might choose to have restrictions, others might not. Rubio hopes that their platform will accurately reflect the nominee’s stance on this issue.

According to several individuals familiar with the process, most platform committee members or general RNC members have not yet received draft language for a new platform. However, leaders of key advocacy groups and some individuals have been engaging in conversations and lobbying Trump allies on the issues.

According to a schedule shared with ABC News, the platform committee has started meeting in Milwaukee on the evening of July 7 and has further meetings planned for Monday and Tuesday. The decisions made by the committee and full membership will be revealed to the entire RNC during their national convention, which is set to begin on July 15 in Milwaukee.

Several socially conservative members of the RNC and prominent anti-abortion organizations have expressed concerns in recent weeks regarding the party’s stance on abortion. They are vocal about any potential platform discussions that could dilute the party’s position.

This week saw a significant increase in the intensity of efforts to maintain the current stance on abortion language within the RNC’s platform committee. Tony Perkins, a member of the committee and representative of the Family Research Council, has declared that he will spearhead a movement to produce a “minority report” in the event that the committee decides to relax its position on abortion. According to Perkins, this outcome is a likely possibility.

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The “Platform Integrity Project” has been launched by the Family Research Council along with several other conservative groups. The project aims to collaborate with the RNC and the Trump campaign to establish an open process that will guarantee the preservation of the GOP’s firmly conservative platform. This platform is built on pro-life, pro-family, and pro-Israel planks that have been in place for a long time.

According to Perkins, the draft platform will not include the call for a right to life amendment. He stated this on Newsmax, emphasizing that the Republican base is largely anti-abortion and the more lenient approach towards reproductive rights may have an impact on the 2024 election.

He stated his belief that the enthusiasm would be dampened as a result. He clarified that it would not cause people to switch sides. Elections, in his opinion, are fueled by energy, enthusiasm, and intensity. Unfortunately, this particular action would decrease the intensity, which is not what is needed at this time.

According to an insider familiar with the platform discussions, there is a lot of exaggeration regarding the situation. Some individuals perceive any modification as a total overhaul of the party’s principles, but this is not the case, as per the insider.

According to the source, the RNC will base their approach on Trump’s recent comments on abortion that he reiterated during the debate held last month.

According to the source, they firmly believe that the individuals who are making a lot of noise are in the minority and will ultimately have minimal impact. They stated, “A vast majority” of people do not share the same views as these vocal few.

There are some Republicans who are hopeful that the platform will reflect Trump’s viewpoints.

As per Charles Moran, the president of the Log Cabin Republicans, a national conservative organization that advocates for gay and lesbian rights, President Trump was the first president to endorse marriage equality during his election campaign. He has also reiterated that it is a resolved issue. Given the public opinion polls on the matter, both among Americans and Republicans, it is evident that the issue is settled. Moran hopes that any efforts to define marriage in the RNC Platform would be abandoned in 2024 to align with the national sentiment and the law. Moran, who served as a Trump delegate in 2016 and 2020, believes that the RNC Platform needs to be updated to reflect the current stance of the nation.

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In the present RNC platform, it is stated that the party acknowledges and honours the power of states to make decisions on critical social matters such as marriage. The platform specifically defines marriage as a union between one man and one woman.

Leading up to the platform discussions, a number of RNC members have expressed worries about the decision to keep these crucial committee meetings closed off to both the press and non-committee members. They believe that this move will stifle the voices of regular party members, allowing Trump-aligned individuals to make alterations without any opposition.

According to two emails viewed by ABC News, the RNC’s member services account has outlined a policy that some party members claim was not practiced during previous conventions.

According to a source who was involved in the decision to close the meetings, in the past, lobbyists and special interest groups were a common sight, as they pushed for specific line items for their clients on the platform of the organization.

Perkins wrote a letter, which has been reviewed by ABC News, addressing RNC Chair Michael Whatley to protest against the decision and urge party leaders to lift the gag order. He calls for the reinstatement of the normal procedure of allowing approved guests and media to observe and participate in the vital process, so that fellow conservatives can have a chance to be involved.

According to a member of the rules committee, there is a significant concern that the RNC and Trump campaign are unwilling to permit coverage of the committee hearings by C-SPAN or any other party.

According to a member, going live on TV during committee hearings is crucial as it promotes accountability and civility. The member believes that conducting hearings behind closed doors can lead to an increase in accusations and name-calling, with committee members feeling free to express their opinions without restraint. Consequently, live broadcasting helps keep the hearings civil and prevents any inappropriate behavior.

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