GOP Member Implies Black Doctors Will Receive ‘Malpractice Bailouts’

A group of Black medical students on social media called out a former GOP Senate candidate for making racist remarks about them.

Lauren Witze, a former Senate candidate from Delaware, recently shared a video on X (formerly Twitter) featuring a gathering of numerous medical students of color at a conference in New Orleans.

The caption of the original video read, “POV: When you see the future of medicine in yourself,” as a Black medical student pans the camera to a diverse group of his peers.

Witze shared the video and implied that the group of Black doctors were potentially becoming “medical malpractice bailouts.”

Critics flooded the comment section of the tweet, accusing the former Senate candidate of being a “racist.”

One user highlighted that California, the state with the highest percentage of malpractice per capita, also has the lowest percentage of Black people among the five most populated states. Additionally, California does not practice Affirmative Action in college admissions. Therefore, it is unlikely that the majority of doctors in California are Black. Apologies for disrupting the discussion.

Another person inquired, “Why are you permitted to openly express racist views?”

Amidst her ongoing opposition to DEI, Weitz, a prominent right-wing activist, recently shared a tweet.

In a previous post on X, she stated that Straight, White men are the only workers in America who lack real rights and are unable to file lawsuits for trivial matters. She emphasized the need to hire accordingly.

In a recent incident, a Boeing 737-800 aircraft with the flight number SWA3695 was forced to make an emergency landing due to the plane experiencing structural issues. The incident has once again raised concerns about the effectiveness of the thoroughness and adequacy of the pre-flight inspection process. This incident was shared on Twitter by Weitz, who expressed disbelief that such a situation could occur without a proper and comprehensive inspection being conducted prior to takeoff.

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