Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger Criticizes Trump and Larry David in Blistering Letter to ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ Actor

Georgia Secretary of State, Brad Raffensperger (R), gained recognition for his courageous stance against former President Donald Trump during the aftermath of the 2020 election. In a letter addressed to Larry David, the star of “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” Raffensperger playfully mocked both Trump and David in reference to a plotline from the show.

In the first episode of the latest season of “Curb,” David, portraying himself, hands a friend a water bottle as she waits in line to vote. Surprisingly, he gets arrested for violating a state law that prohibits campaigning to individuals in line.

David expressed his disbelief in the show, stating, “That’s barbaric.” He then proceeded to question the seriousness of the arresting officer.

The controversial law, passed in 2021 following Raffensperger’s refusal to fulfill Trump’s requests for additional votes to overturn Joe Biden’s victory in Georgia, sparked significant controversy. One particular provision that drew attention was the restriction on individuals, aside from the poll manager, from providing any form of assistance, including food or water, to those waiting in line.

Raffensperger stood by this provision, highlighting its similarity to a rule implemented in New York. Interestingly, while Georgia faced intense scrutiny for its decision, New York did not receive any backlash for adopting the same rule.

“The polling place should provide voters with a serene and unbiased environment, allowing them to cast their vote with peace of mind and confidence,” expressed Raffensperger in an op-ed.

In a recent letter, Raffensperger once again finds himself defending the law, using a clever mix of scathing humor directed at both David and Trump.

Raffensperger began his message to Mr. Larry David, the chief elections officer for the State of Georgia, by extending his congratulations for being the first and, to their knowledge, the only person to be arrested for distributing water bottles to voters within 150 feet of a polling station. He also expressed his apologies if Mr. David didn’t receive the celebrity treatment at the local jail, as they have become accustomed to dealing with more prominent stars. Raffensperger humorously described it as the “TMZ of mugshots.”

He went on to say,

You’ll be relieved to know that the waiting times for all voters in Georgia, including Leon’s aunt, were under two minutes, despite the obvious concern you have about access to voting. This was the case even with record turnout.

You must have received a significant amount of attention regarding your actions in the Georgia election, whether it was desired or not. I can empathize with your situation and understand the pressure you may be facing. However, it is important to clarify that as the secretary of state, I do not possess the power to perform miracles or grant pardons, even if you were to personally reach out to me for such a favor.

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