Georgia Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene Renews Demand to Remove Johnson Following Revelation of Democrat-Friendly Items in “Minibus”

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene is once again urging the removal of House Speaker Mike Johnson from his position in light of the recent passage of the $1.2 trillion “minibus” bill.

In a thread on X, the Georgia Republican made a case for Johnson’s removal by highlighting the inclusion of high-cost provisions in the spending bill that cater to various Democratic priorities.

In a fiery statement, she expressed her outrage at Mike Johnson for financing the assistance and facilitation of undocumented immigrants within our nation’s borders. The statement also highlighted a specific allocation of $650 million for Migrant Shelters, which aims to provide reimbursement to local governments and nonprofit organizations that offer support to individuals released from the custody of the Department of Homeland Security.

Trump urges Israel to bring an end to the Gaza offensive and work towards achieving peace.

In yet another instance of the Mike Johnson-Chuck Schumer Uniparty Minibus Betrayal, the cap on the president’s authority to provide foreign assistance in the interest of national security is set to increase to $500 million for FY 2024, up from the previous cap of $250 million. This news raises questions about whether this increased funding will benefit Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

Greene accused Mike Johnson of aligning with Chuck Schumer and the Democrats in a Ukraine-related post, claiming that their actions were pushing the country closer to the possibility of World War 3.

“The Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative receives a significant boost of $300 million in funding through the uniparty minibus. It is crucial that we prioritize peace instead of allocating funds towards foreign conflicts!”

According to Greene, the Mike Johnson-Chuck Schumer uniparty minibus excludes certain provisions from the House bill. These provisions were designed to address issues such as the FBI’s politicized abuses and the administration’s use of the federal government for political censorship.

Georgia Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene has recently called for the expulsion of Wisconsin Representative Mike Gallagher. In a tweet, she stated, “Wisconsin GOP Rep. Mike Gallagher should be expelled now.” Greene has been known for her controversial statements and actions, and this recent call for Gallagher’s expulsion is just another example of her confrontational approach. It is unclear what specific reasons Greene has for calling for Gallagher’s expulsion, as she did not provide any further explanation in her tweet. However, it is clear that she believes his actions or beliefs warrant such severe consequences.

“Joe Biden’s weaponized Department of Justice is targeting a wide range of individuals, including J6 defendants, pro-life activists, Catholics attending Latin Mass, parents attending school board meetings, Trump supporters, gun owners, and any dissident of the Biden regime. It is important to note that Mike Johnson not only failed to put an end to this targeting, but he actually provided funding for it.”

“Speaker Johnson’s decision to give up all our leverage in the Omnibus government funding bills has left us powerless to compel the Biden administration to secure the border. Now, the President of Mexico is shamelessly demanding a bribe to merely ‘stem the invasion,’ without any intention of stopping it!” Greene stated.

“She argued that Johnson should not be the Speaker of the House.”

Last week, Greene criticized Johnson harshly right before the bill received overwhelming support from numerous Republicans in the House.

According to the Tampa Free Press, she also filed a resolution demanding Johnson’s resignation from the speakership position. This is the same procedure that was employed to remove former Speaker Kevin McCarthy last autumn.

According to Greene, the House, which is currently under Republican control, has recently approved a $1.2 trillion spending bill. However, she argues that this bill fails to address the issue of securing the border, while at the same time allocating funds for full-term abortion and promoting trans ideology among young people. In response, Greene has taken action by filing a Motion to Vacate, emphasizing the need for a Speaker who can effectively represent Republicans and their constituents.

The co-hosts of “Outnumbered” criticized Georgia Representative MTG over her motion to vacate, calling it a tantrum.

Greene expressed her frustration over the lack of effort in passing single-issue appropriation bills for months, while three Continuing Resolutions, which were based on the budget proposed by former Democratic Speaker Nancy Pelosi, were passed. Despite the Republican majority implementing rule changes to prevent this behavior, they are now on the brink of passing a second minibus under suspension, without allowing any amendments and violating the 72-hour rule.

“Our Republican House minibus not only funds the WHO, but also supports abortions both domestically and internationally, instead of defunding the WHO!”

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