Gardena hit-and-run victim identified as 5-year-old by police

Mocobizscene-  Anesa Boone, a resident of the area, expressed her disappointment with the lack of sympathy displayed by the person involved. Regardless of who or what it was, they should have taken the time to stop. According to Boone, they really should have stopped.

According to authorities, they have provided a description of the vehicle involved in the hit-and-run incident as a mid-sized dark-colored SUV. According to the police, the grandmother was quickly taken to the hospital and is currently in stable condition. Unfortunately, Patrick did not survive his injuries.

“It was truly heartbreaking for Linda Paterson when she realized that the victim of the crash was a child,” she shared. “Seeing the grandmother on the ground, crying inconsolably, was an incredibly sad and difficult sight to witness.”

Patrick’s mother is employed at a nearby Domino’s restaurant, and her coworkers express their deep distress over the situation.

“Cláudio Rodriguez, one of the mother’s colleagues, spoke fondly of the single mother, describing her as hard-working and greatly loved by everyone. He mentioned how her young son would often visit their workplace and patiently wait for her to finish her duties. Not only was he enthusiastic about school and soccer, but he also had a friendly and kind demeanor towards everyone he encountered.”

According to investigators, speed does not seem to have played a role in this crash. However, local residents claim that speeding through red lights in the area is a frequent occurrence.

Ruben Rivera expressed concern about the intersection, recounting a recent incident where a car veered off the corner and collided with both a fence and a nearby house. According to him, this particular area has proven to be hazardous due to its history of accidents.

Sylvia Quintana, who resides near the intersection where the tragic collision took place, voiced her concern, stating, “There is a pressing need for additional stops between Marine and Normandie. It seems like there is a car accident happening every six months.”

People placed flowers and candles at the crash site. Just a few blocks away from the intersection, there is an elementary school where children cross the street on a daily basis. The residents of the area are urging city leaders to take action and make a change.

“I believe there should be some kind of addition here, like speed bumps or similar measures. This entire street is devoid of any such features,” expressed Boone.

Devastated by the incident, Paterson expressed their deep emotions to the driver in a powerful manner.

“It is absolutely heartbreaking and inexplicable that a person can cause harm to others without even realizing the severity of their actions,” expressed the grieving mother. “Two individuals, one of whom was an innocent child with a promising future, lost their lives due to someone’s negligence, whether it was a rush to get somewhere, distraction, or engaging in texting while driving. It is devastating to comprehend that they simply weren’t paying attention.”

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