Founder of extremist Oath Keepers’ son makes political debut as a Democrat


    • Dakota Adams, son of Oath Keepers militia founder Stewart Rhodes, is running as a Democrat.
    • Rhodes is serving an 18-year sentence linked to his involvement in the Capitol riot.
    • Adams described growing up in a “toxic” household and living in “extreme isolation.”

Dakota Adams, a Democratic candidate in a local election, happens to be the son of a right-wing Oath Keepers militia leader.

Stewart Rhodes, the father of John Doe, is currently serving an 18-year prison sentence for seditious conspiracy due to his involvement in the January 6, 2021, Capitol riot.

“It was a stark reminder of the immense peril we face and the role played by the Republican Party in allowing a president to pose a direct threat to our nation,” Adams explained when discussing his father’s participation in the riot with the Associated Press.

“I found myself compelled to reassess many of my beliefs and confront difficult questions about my true convictions.”

At just 27 years old, Adams is taking on a challenging endeavor as he launches a bid for Montana’s House in a district that is traditionally Republican strong.

In an interview with the AP, he revealed that he has chosen to use his mother’s maiden name in order to reflect on his journey of self-discovery. Additionally, he acknowledged the importance of seeking therapy to address the lasting impact of growing up in a toxic or dysfunctional household.

In his statement, he mentioned his intention to sell the rifles, body armor, and tactical gear that he used to don during anti-government protests alongside his father.

A difficult childhood with his conspiracy theorist father

The photograph, taken by Susan Walsh, captures a significant moment in time.

Adams recounted a challenging upbringing marked by his father’s obsession with conspiracy theories. Living in a constant state of fear, their family believed that government surveillance was a constant threat and that an apocalypse was looming overhead.

“It’s essentially a never-ending cycle of survival and constant relocation,” Adams remarked, referring to the period of his life before reaching adulthood.

“We found ourselves living in a state of extreme isolation, confined within a cultural bubble surrounded by an increasingly paranoid and militant right-wing political atmosphere wherever we relocated across the country. Eventually, our journey brought us to Montana,” Adams recounted. Reflecting on their escape from Rhodes, Adams shared that they managed to break free in 2018 when Tasha Adams initiated divorce proceedings.

According to his estranged wife and two of his children, including Dakota Adams, the family endured Rhodes’ “violent outbursts” and claimed that he was abusive towards them.

After graduating from Yale with a law degree, Rhodes took the initiative to establish the Oath Keepers in 2009 following the election of Barack Obama as president.

Adams, with his long hair, proudly identifies as an “honest weirdo” and is known for his unconventional style. He can often be seen campaigning in band t-shirts and sporting black nail polish.

“I have chosen not to water down any of this since I made the decision to run for office,” Adams shared with the AP when discussing his public image. “During my childhood, I spent a significant amount of time conforming to a specific persona in order to boost my father’s political ambitions and reputation. As a result, I have made a firm commitment to never do so again, no matter the circumstances.”

According to the AP, Adams’ bid has garnered support from Democrats. He has even made appearances at events alongside Democratic gubernatorial candidate Ryan Busse.

According to Scott Rodich, the vice chair of the county Democratic Central Committee, Democrats are pleased to have Adams on the ballot. It has been challenging for Democrats to find candidates willing to run in the heavily conservative district.

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