Former Republican lawmaker labels RFK Jr. as a ‘MAGA enthusiast’ who could split GOP votes, including Trump’s.

Former Republican Representative David Jolly, who later left the party, strongly criticized independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Jolly referred to Kennedy as a “MAGA crazy Republican” and expressed concerns that he could potentially draw votes away from the GOP in the upcoming November election.

According to former Republican congressman and MSNBC political commentator David Jolly, Donald Trump is targeting RFK Jr. because he believes he can appeal to more Republicans. Jolly describes RFK Jr. as a MAGA supporter and a vaccine denier who rejects scientific evidence. He also accuses RFK Jr. of being inconsistent on the issue of abortion, claiming that even his own vice presidential candidate struggles to keep up with his changing stance.

Kennedy faced criticism recently for his remarks on abortion during an interview with Sage Steele on her podcast. Despite switching parties and running as an independent, Kennedy expressed his opposition to government restrictions on abortion, even in cases of full-term pregnancies.

Kennedy recently took to the social platform X to clarify his stance on abortion, acknowledging that it has long been a contentious issue in America. In his post, he expressed his belief that there is a growing consensus regarding abortion, stating that it should be legally permissible during a certain timeframe and subject to restrictions thereafter.

Nicole Shanahan, his running mate, recently shared her thoughts on abortion. She expressed her belief that while she values her autonomy and does not support external control over her body, she also feels uneasy about ending a viable life.

Jolly later mentioned Kennedy’s revelation about a statement he made regarding his health issues in 2010. According to Kennedy, doctors informed him that a parasite had consumed a portion of his brain, leading to memory loss and cognitive difficulties. The New York Times examined a deposition given by Kennedy in 2012, where he provided further information about his symptoms and the discovery of the deceased parasite.

“And now he claims to have a woman devouring his brain. He is the epitome of a Republican today. So it’s hard to predict how he will fare in key states that are crucial for a Biden victory in November,” Jolly remarked. “But I must say, this individual appeals to the ‘Aaron Rogers Republican,’ which could potentially draw support away from the mainstream crowd. I expect Joe Biden to gain some momentum akin to RFK as we approach November.”

The independent candidate considered New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers, who shares his skepticism towards vaccines, as a potential vice president. However, he ultimately selected Shanahan for the position.

The Kennedy campaign was contacted by The Hill for comment.

Kennedy has stated that he does not share the same ideological alignment as Democrats, but he also does not completely align with Republicans. Political strategists are divided on whether Kennedy will have a greater impact on President Biden or on Trump in the upcoming November polls.

Some Republicans believe that Kennedy will attract votes away from Biden, as he appeals to Democrats who are dissatisfied with the idea of supporting an ineffective octogenarian.

Democratic strategist James Carville suggested that Kennedy could potentially attract voters away from Trump, further intensifying concerns within Trump’s campaign. In response, Trump’s campaign has been increasingly vocal in expressing their opposition towards Kennedy.

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