Perspectives from Georgia’s sole Palestinian and Jewish lawmakers on the Israel-Hamas conflict

Representative Ruwa Romman (D-Dist. 97) holds the distinction of being the sole Palestinian-American member of the Georgia General Assembly, based in Atlanta.

Rep. Esther Panitch (D-Dist. 51) stands as the sole Jewish-American representative in the Georgia General Assembly.

Both individuals have ties to the Middle East, where their families reside. Although both acknowledge the need for action, their perspectives on the appropriate course of action differ significantly.

Rep. Romman expressed that all of these experiences have been deeply personal to him.

Georgia Representative Ruwa Romman, a Democrat representing District 97, has been making waves in the political arena.

Romman’s family resides in the West Bank, approximately a two-hour drive away from Gaza.

“It’s impossible for me to put into words the immense sorrow that has consumed us,” she expressed.

The ongoing conflict in the region has resulted in the tragic loss of thousands of Palestinian lives and has caused a severe humanitarian crisis.

“I receive daily text messages from community members who inform me about the devastating toll on their families,” she shared with FOX 5. “The messages are filled with constant updates about missing family members, those who have tragically passed away, and loved ones struggling with hunger.”

In an interview with FOX 5, Roman expressed her belief that Israel is engaged in acts of genocide.

She stated that every university in Gaza has been destroyed, and every hospital has been damaged or destroyed. Additionally, the homes of many people have also been destroyed.

According to Rep. Panitch, there is another perspective to consider in this war.

“There are still rockets that pose a threat to Israel, coming from both the north and south. Groups like Hezbollah in Lebanon and Hamas in Gaza continue to launch these rockets,” she explained to FOX 5.

Georgia Representative Esther Panitch, a Democrat from District 51,

Panitch’s family resides in the southern region of Israel.

“They’re under a lot of stress,” she remarked.

She claimed that Israel is defending itself.

According to Panitch, Hamas is responsible for committing genocide through its attack on Israel.

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