Former New York police officer receives life imprisonment for the brutal killing of four individuals

On Monday, a former New York police officer turned drug dealer was sentenced to four consecutive life sentences for the gruesome murder of four men in April 2016.

A jury found Nicholas Tartaglione, aged 56, guilty last year on multiple charges including 11 counts of murder, four counts of kidnapping resulting in death, and one count each of kidnapping conspiracy and narcotics conspiracy.

After serving as a police officer in Westchester County, located near New York City, Tartaglione transitioned into a drug dealer upon his retirement.

Tartaglione accused Martin Luna of owing him around $250,000, which was supposed to be used for buying cocaine.

According to prosecutors, Tartaglione was involved in a conspiracy to murder Martin Luna. He set up a meeting with Luna, who was unaware that his two cousins, Santiago and Miguel Luna, as well as his friend Gutierrez, were also present at the meeting.

In April 2023, the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York characterized Tartaglione’s conviction as “pure torture” in a statement.

According to the Justice Department, Judge Kenneth Karas referred to Tartaglione as a “monster” when he delivered the sentence on Monday.

Williams stated that the sentence of four consecutive life terms is a just reflection of the immense pain and suffering that each victim had to endure at the hands of Tartaglione. He expressed his hope that this outcome will provide some sense of closure to both the victims’ families and their community.

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