Former merchant marine captain warns that ships with mechanical errors are uncontrollable

According to Cpt. Klaus Luhta, a former merchant marine who has extensive experience navigating ships through Baltimore’s port, it seems that the collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge was caused by a propulsion failure. Luhta, who has successfully guided numerous vessels in and out of the port, suggests that this malfunction may have been the primary factor behind the bridge’s collapse.

A former merchant marine captain, who has traveled in and out of the Baltimore port multiple times, shared insights on how mechanical errors are handled on cargo ships.

According to former Captain Klaus Luhta, when analyzing incidents like these, the factors typically considered are human error, mechanical error, and potential security concerns. In this particular case, it appears to be a mechanical error at first glance, Luhta mentioned on “Varney & Co.”

According to the expert, there are instances when a ship loses propulsion and becomes uncontrollable. He explains that this particular incident falls into the category of catastrophes where there was nothing anyone could do to regain control.

Mayor Brandon M. Scott and Baltimore County Executive Johnny Olszewski Jr. have informed Fox News that they are currently engaged in rescue operations following the devastating collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge along I-695 in Maryland. The collapse occurred as a result of a “ship strike,” causing the bridge to plunge into the Baltimore harbor.

Baltimore Bridge Collapse Causes Trade and Traffic Chaos

There were several vehicles and workers present on the bridge when it collapsed. According to officials, two people have been rescued from the water so far, with one of them being in critical condition. As of Tuesday afternoon, Fox News’ Griff Jenkins reported that there are still six individuals who have not been located.

The Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore, Maryland, witnessed a dramatic incident on March 26, 2024. The cargo ship Dali collided with the bridge, causing it to collapse. An aerial view captured the aftermath of this shocking event. (Getty Images)

According to the latest update from the governor’s office in Maryland, it has been confirmed that the cargo ship experienced a power outage and issued a distress signal before colliding with the Baltimore bridge.

According to reports, the massive container ship named DALI has a history of colliding with infrastructure while docking. One incident occurred on July 11, 2016, when DALI collided with a stone wall at a dock in Antwerp, Belgium.

According to The New York Times, the collision caused damage to the container ship, which was subsequently docked for repairs. Fortunately, no injuries were reported.

In a recent interview on ‘Mornings with Maria,’ Representative Tim Burchett, a Republican from Tennessee, shared his reaction to the cargo ship accident that occurred in Baltimore and discussed the possibility of foul play.

According to Luhta, the vessel was being accelerated as it left the port in order to navigate smoothly under the bridge and through the channels. He explains that it is highly probable that a propulsion failure occurred while the speed was increasing, based on the video footage.

The captain stated that cargo ship crews undergo training to handle situations like this, emphasizing that it would be treated as a collective effort requiring the participation of all crew members.

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