Former DC Metro officer who beat an unarmed transit user is sentenced to prison.

Mocobizscene-  Federal authorities announced that a former Washington, DC Metro Transit (MTPD) officer will serve time in prison for a metal baton assault on an unarmed rider during a fit of anger.

On Wednesday, former officer Andra Vance received a prison sentence of one year and one day, to be followed by one year of supervised release, in connection with a civil rights violation that was initially reported in February 2018.

“This sentencing should make it clear that officers who abuse their authority will be held accountable, regardless of whether their actions occur on public streets or inside public transit systems,” stated Assistant General Counsel Kristen Clarke of the Civil Rights Division of the Justice Department on January 31.

As per the findings of federal prosecutors, it was established during Vance’s trial in November of last year that the individual identified solely as “D.C.” attempted to board a train at the Anacostia Metro station using an invalid Metro card, inciting a chain of events that resulted in the incarceration of the former officer.

Metro Transit officials reported that “D.C.” became enraged and complained to Vance before abruptly exiting the fare gate after the card was seized.

However, upon his return to the gate, Vance struck “D.C.” in the head with his metal baton “without legal justification,” according to prosecutors. When “D.C.” fled, Vance pursued him while continuing to strike the baton at his head and neck.

At the trial, a second officer who observed the assault and assisted in handcuffing “D.C.” testified that the man did not pose a threat to Vance or anyone else at the Metro station at the time of the assault that resulted in “D.C.” being transported to the hospital for treatment of head injuries.

“This brutal, violent assault on a citizen by an individual posing as a police officer merits severe punishment and condemnation,” stated United States Attorney Matthew Graves.

“At an exemplary rate, the overwhelming majority of officers in the District carry out their responsibilities.” “When officers like this one betray their position and erode the community’s faith in these public servants, their jobs become even more difficult.”

Graves’ sentiments were reiterated by MTPD Chief Michael Anzallo, who stated that his organization “vehemently denounces the conduct of any officer who misuses their position of power by employing excessive force.”

“This case is an anomaly against the diligent MTPD officers whose daily work ensures the security of the system for our employees and customers,” he continued. “Because of the disgraceful nature of the incident, we relieved the former officer of his duties immediately and launched an investigation.”

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