Forecast: South winds to intensify as a front lingers in the northwest

Moderate southerly winds are currently blowing in the vicinity of Kauai as a stationary front remains in the northwest. The islands of Maui and Hawaii can expect lighter winds at the moment.

As we move into the night, there might be a slight increase in clouds and showers from Kauai to Maui, as the front approaches. However, Monday will bring a drying trend, even though the front will advance a bit and then stall just before reaching the Garden Isle.

Clouds and showers are expected to intensify on Monday night as the front approaches. By Wednesday, the front will receive a boost in strength and a push from a system passing to the north, resulting in widespread showers. This weather event is significant enough to warrant a First Alert.

The front will move through on Wednesday and continue into Thursday night. However, it is anticipated that the frontal system will weaken rapidly as it progresses before stalling over Maui or Hawaii Island on Thursday.

South to southwest kona winds are expected to strengthen as the front passes, although they are not anticipated to be as powerful as the previous system.

It is important to remain vigilant for gusty winds in downslope areas. Wind advisories may still be issued for higher elevations, including the summit areas of Haleakala, Mauna Kea, and Mauna Loa.

The high surf warning for most north and west shores has been extended until 6 a.m. Monday, indicating that the surf conditions will continue to be potentially dangerous. On Monday, the surf is expected to remain at or above advisory levels, with the possibility of another swell that could reach warning levels on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, the east shores will experience small waves, while the south shores might see an increase in wave height due to the strengthening south to southwest winds. Mariners are advised to take caution as a small craft advisory remains in effect overnight for coastal waters, as the high seas caused by the west-northwest swell pose a risk.

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