Newell: The Problem With Allowing People Carry A Handgun Without A Permit

WWL’s Newell Normand recently had a conversation with Louisiana State Representative Mandie Landry regarding the highly debated permitless concealed carry bill.

She added that the manner in which it was done did not show respect for the weapons and lives involved, making it incredibly dangerous and complicated.

The bill permits individuals who are 18 years old and above to carry a concealed handgun without the need for a permit, training, or any specific firearms expertise.

Louisiana Governor Jeff Landry has indicated his intention to sign the legislation, thereby joining the ranks of 27 other states that permit individuals to carry concealed weapons without a permit.

Landry criticized the bill, suggesting that it was intentionally designed to pass without much consideration. In response, Normand highlighted the perception that law enforcement is often not proactive enough when it comes to addressing the issue of guns. Many people argue that criminals manage to obtain guns easily, so responsible gun owners should not have to face unnecessary hurdles.

“You have the option to own a firearm. Simply enroll in a class and obtain a permit. It’s a manageable process, not as difficult as it may seem. Although some may hold a different perspective, I personally don’t find this requirement burdensome,” Landry stated. “I discovered that the cost of a permit is $25 per year. I am open to endorsing legislation that eliminates this fee altogether.”

According to her, the concern is that if more people are allowed to carry guns without proper training, it could lead to potential dangers. She believes that individuals who obtain guns without undergoing any kind of training or background checks may not be equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to handle firearms safely. As a result, there is a fear that more people will be carrying guns without being aware of how to use them effectively. This could potentially lead to accidents or misuse of firearms.

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