Footage of U.S. Airman from Atlanta being shot by Florida deputy released

New information has come to light regarding the funeral arrangements for the 23-year-old U.S. senior airman who tragically lost his life at the hands of a Florida deputy.

A sheriff’s deputy from Okaloosa County shot and killed Roger Fortson, a metro Atlanta native.

The nation witnessed the final moments of Fortson’s life as they watched the bodycam footage on Thursday afternoon.

Eric Aden, the Okaloosa County Sheriff, expressed his commitment to ensuring a thorough understanding of the facts in this case.

The sheriff stated that the deputy had been dispatched to Fortson’s apartment complex in response to a disturbance call.

Fortson’s family and attorney, Benjamin Crump, have stated that Fortson possessed the gun legally and had it in his possession when he answered the front door. This was in response to the sound of loud banging.

According to Crump, the officer possesses military training and is skilled in the use of firearms.

Dr. Jamal Bryant, pastor of New Birth, expressed his deep horror over the situation.

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