Florida Man Found Guilty Of Distributing $16m Worth Of Adulterated Hiv Medications

Mocobizscene- A Florida man has been found guilty on Thursday for participating in a widespread operation to distribute $16.7 million worth of contaminated HIV medications unlawfully.

Armando Herrera, a 43-year-old from Miami, along with his co-conspirators, successfully established companies in Florida, Texas, Washington, and California. These companies were involved in the sale and distribution of adulterated HIV medication and other prescription drugs to wholesale pharmaceutical companies. This information was revealed in a court statement.

Herrera admitted his guilt on September 25th and is now facing a sentence of four years and three months for his involvement.

According to court documents, a team of co-conspirators was involved in fabricating false documentation to give the impression that the drugs they had acquired were legitimate, even though they were not. Herrera and his accomplices faced allegations of tampering with and mislabeling over 16,000 tablets of HIV medication Truvada, 3,600 tablets of HIV medication Biktarvy, and 7,340 tablets of “other diverted drugs that were adulterated and misbranded.”

Pharmaceutical suppliers then proceeded to sell the tainted drugs to pharmacies, which in turn dispensed them to unsuspecting patients. According to court documents, Herrera had over $1.5 million worth of adulterated prescription drugs seized by federal agents.

Herrera was one of the 14 defendants who faced charges in June for being involved in a health care fraud scheme that amounted to over $1.9 billion. This case was part of the Justice Department’s 2023 National Health Care Fraud Enforcement Action.

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