First Responders Save Cara Delevingne’s Two Cats from Devastating House Fire

Cara Delveingne delightedly shared an update on her two cats after concerns arose that they perished in the devastating fire that razed her Los Angeles residence.

In her Instagram stories on Friday, the model shared a photo of her cats comfortably resting in a cat condo. Expressing relief, she captioned the picture by expressing gratitude towards the firefighters, stating, “They are alive! Thank you to the firefighters.”

Earlier that day, Cara Delveingne had shared another message expressing concern about the whereabouts or fate of the cats amidst the devastating flames.

In a heartfelt post, she shared a picture of her beloved pets and expressed her deep sadness. She couldn’t believe how quickly life can change and urged everyone to appreciate what they have.

Cara is also a proud owner of a dog named Alfie. Although she did not provide an update on him, the LAFD assured Page Six that they conducted a thorough search in and around the house and found no indications of any harm to animals.

The fire ignited in the early morning hours of Friday at around 4 am. It took a team of 94 firefighters more than two hours to successfully extinguish the flames. According to a spokesperson from the Los Angeles Fire Department, one firefighter had to be taken to the hospital due to an injury sustained during the operation. Additionally, an unnamed occupant of the building experienced minor smoke inhalation.

Cara Delveingne happened to be in London when the fire broke out.

According to authorities, the fire originated outside and then spread to the attic. They have ruled out any criminal activity as the cause. The intensity of the fire was so severe that it resulted in the complete collapse of the roof.

Authorities are still investigating the cause of the fire.

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