Fire Damages Pavilion at Ark City Paris Park

Arkansas City –The restrooms of an Arkansas City park structure are blackened and covered with soot after a fire on New Year’s Day. Around 4 a.m. on New Year’s Day, it occurred.

Residents in Ark City tell KAKE News that it’s unfortunate to witness something like this occur on New Year’s Day as many people utilize the rest area at the Paris Park Pavilion.

“That’s a sad deal,” a resident of Ark City stated, requesting anonymity.

The entire side of the building is now charred, and it serves as a public restroom for the park for numerous events held throughout the year.

“Everything from baby showers to birthday parties. many club activities and events. Something like this has been kind of great to have here, remarked a resident of Ark City.

According to investigators, Winfield Fire and Arkansas City Fire responded to the pavilion fire about four on Monday morning. At that point, the personnel noticed a large amount of fire on the building’s side.

An Ark City resident stated, “It’s sad someone would tear something up like this because there’s probably somebody who’s actually benefiting from it also.”

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