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Lawmakers and the governor in New York State are in agreement over the pressing issue of affordable housing. In a recent development, Senate Republicans have presented a plan aimed at addressing this concern, with a particular focus on eligibility requirements for rent stabilized apartments.

Senator Jack Martins explained that when the units come up for renewal and the occupants are earning more than the area median income, they are requested to vacate and create space for others.

Squatting would be criminalized as third-degree criminal trespass under another proposed legislation.

According to Senator Patricia Canzenari-Fitzpatrick, the proposed bill aims to provide legal remedies for removing squatters from a property. She emphasizes that squatters should not be treated as tenants just because they have wrongfully occupied a property and made it difficult for the landlord to evict them.

Republicans are also pushing for the reinstatement of 421a, a tax incentive aimed at encouraging new housing projects in New York City. However, Assemblymember Anna Kelles holds a different perspective on the matter.

Kelley expressed her opinion on the matter, stating, “I know that this is something that is being heavily emphasized in the city. However, I strongly believe that it should not be considered without also taking into account tenant protections.”

Kelles expressed her desire to have a housing access voucher program incorporated into the ultimate state budget.

“There is a program similar to Section 8 housing, but the waiting lists for it can be as long as two, three, four, or even five years in some areas. What I propose is the creation of a sister program that would complement and assist individuals in finding suitable housing.”

The deadline for submitting the final budget is next week.

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