Federal ban on bump stocks lifted by Supreme Court ruling

On Friday, the U.S. Supreme Court invalidated a ban on bump stocks that was implemented during the Trump administration in a 6-3 decision.

Semi-automatic rifles can shoot bullets at a rapid pace with the help of these gun accessories.

The deadliest shooting in modern history, the 2017 outdoor concert shooting in Las Vegas, involved the use of bump stocks.

Kari Kuefler, a survivor of the Las Vegas shooting, recalls the terrifying moment when she and others were aware of an active shooter but had no idea where the attacker was located.

Kuefler expressed her opinion on bump stocks, stating that she does not consider it to be a responsible aspect of gun ownership. From her perspective, there is no need for such an item.

In response to the 2017 mass shooting, former President Donald Trump’s administration deemed bump stocks illegal through the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF).

The recent ruling by the Supreme Court lifts the ban on bump stocks, allowing gun owners and shops to purchase, sell, and utilize them once again. However, this decision has not been well received by everyone. Kuefler, for instance, feels that this ruling fails to acknowledge the countless lives lost during the Las Vegas mass shooting.

Kuefler expressed her respect for the Second Amendment, but couldn’t comprehend the availability of firearms that can take numerous lives in a matter of seconds in the marketplace.

Justice Clarence Thomas, in the majority opinion, stated that a bump stock does not transform a semiautomatic rifle into an unlawful machine gun.

In his opinion, Thomas wrote that a bump stock does not change the fundamental mechanics of bump firing. He further explained that like any other semiautomatic firearm, the trigger still needs to be released and re-engaged to fire every additional shot.

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According to Thomas, the classification of bump stocks as machine guns by the ATF was beyond their authority.

According to the ruling, the New Civil Liberties Alliance (NCLA) has emphasized that this is the most significant takeaway.

According to Mark Chenoweth, President of the New Civil Liberties Alliance, the recent action taken by ATF in changing the meaning of an old statute sends a message not only to them but to every other federal agency that this kind of behavior is unacceptable.

Michael Cargill, a gun owner from Texas, filed a lawsuit against the ATF over the ban, with NCLA representing him.

Michael Cargill declared in a written statement that he had pledged to defend the Constitution of the United States over five years ago, even if he was the only plaintiff in the case. He fulfilled his commitment.

According to NCLA leaders, this ruling marks a triumph in the face of an illegal federal regulation.

Chenoweth emphasized that amending the law is a task for the legislative branch, not the executive branch. To effect change, one must go to Congress and seek their approval.

Following the decision, President Joe Biden has called on Congress to take swift action. In a written statement, he urged Congress to pass an assault weapon ban, ban bump stocks, and take additional measures to save lives. He emphasized that if Congress sends him a bill, he will sign it immediately.

At present, local bans on bump stocks are in effect in 15 states and Washington, DC.

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