FBI offers $15,000 reward for capture of suspect involved in Mount Vernon shootout

The FBI has announced a reward of $15,000 in relation to a fatal shooting that occurred last week in Mount Vernon, New York.

The hunt for Marco Tulio Fernandez-Rodriguez is ongoing as authorities search for the man responsible for a failed robbery that resulted in the death of two individuals.

New photos of Fernandez-Rodriguez were shared by investigators on Friday, followed by the release of his full name and the reward over the weekend.

A tragic incident took place at 137 South Fifth Avenue, an establishment identified by law enforcement sources as an illegal smoke shop. The shooting occurred shortly after midnight last Tuesday.

According to the United States attorney’s office, a group of individuals attempted to rob a warehouse that supplies products to smoke shops. While they were threatening the employees and customers with firearms, a gunfight ensued between the suspects and the warehouse staff.

One of the victims was an employee at the warehouse, while the other had connections to the suspects, according to authorities.

During an interview with CBS New York, a seasoned street worker of 30 years revealed that he has previously heard gunshots in the vicinity.

“I’ve heard gunshots in this area a few times, but I never paid much attention to it,” shared Curtis Kiffin. “I feel sorry that these incidents occurred. They caught me off guard.”

In the Bronx, on Tuesday night, law enforcement officials made multiple arrests near the intersection of East Fordham Road and Hughes Avenue.

Federal authorities have apprehended a group of at least five men who are now facing charges of conspiracy to distribute narcotics, robbery, and murder.

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