Father locates daughter’s date and amazes her with a comically impressive dance prank.

This dad who became an internet sensation for his comically embarrassing school pickup antics has taken it to the next level.

Professional dancer Jevin Smith has found an amusing way to embarrass his kids when he picks them up from school. He utilizes his talent to come up with countless creative and witty pranks, which he shares on his Instagram page. Smith’s videos showcase his humorous antics that never fail to make his children laugh and cringe at the same time.

Jevin tracked down his daughter’s location using a finder and found her at a ramen restaurant. He decided to surprise her by showing up at the restaurant dressed in full-on 80s attire, complete with a long curly wig. To add to the fun, his wife carried a stereo blaring Rockwell’s hit song “Somebody’s Watching Me” as they made their entrance.

The Customers Loved Jevin’s Dance Prank

Jevin caused a commotion by shouting out, “Hey, hey!” and performing the robot dance as he made his way over to his daughter’s table. Once he got there, he helped himself to some of her date’s bulgogi fries, causing his daughter to roll her eyes in annoyance.

The father kept up his dance prank by putting a tee-shirt over his head and questioning, “Where did I disappear?” all while still grooving to the beat.

The prank played on Jevin’s daughter’s date was a hit, with not just the other customers but also the date himself having a great time. As the evening progressed, even Jevin’s daughter got in on the fun, inviting him to join them for a meal as they left the restaurant.

Over the video, he wrote, “The food was really good, so I decided to stay.”

The recent dance prank by Jevin Smith has gained massive appreciation from his loyal fan base, who are applauding his excellent work in the comments section.

“Ha! This is too funny. Someone wrote, ‘Baby girl thought she was safe since she graduated…NOT!!!! LOL.’ ”

One person laughed as they took fries from the boy’s plate.

One of the followers expressed their excitement by admitting, “I’m SCREAMING!” They further added that having such memories is truly a blessing.

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