FAA reports 3 injured in a hot air balloon accident after it hit power lines and caught fire

Authorities reported that a hot air balloon crashed into a field in Indiana after hitting power lines and catching fire, resulting in serious injuries for three individuals.

According to preliminary information from the Federal Aviation Administration, the incident took place on Sunday at around 7 p.m. local time in Hebron, located in northwestern Indiana.

According to a statement from the FAA, the Lindstrand hot air balloon collided with power lines, leading to its crash.

On Sunday, while in flight over Hebron, footage of the hot air balloon shows that the aircraft collided with a power line, resulting in a visible spark.

According to the Lowell Fire Department, the aircraft was discovered by first responders in a field, with the basket still connected to the balloon envelope and three individuals inside.

According to a press release by the fire department, it was found that the three individuals in the passenger basket were injured due to electrical current passing from the power lines to the basket. Physical evidence was present to support this conclusion.

The department reported that two medical helicopters were requested by the first responders due to the severity of the burn injuries.

According to authorities, they transported two patients to hospitals in the Chicago area through air transportation, whereas the pilot was transported to a local hospital through an ambulance.

According to the NTSB, they will recover the hot air balloon from the crash site which is situated near an airfield for further examination.

Situated just south of Lake Michigan, Hebron is a charming town that can be found near the Illinois-Indiana border, approximately 56 miles southeast of the bustling city of Chicago.

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