Eric Swalwell Questions GOP Sanity Over Border Bill: ‘Have You All Lost Your Minds?’

In a powerful statement, Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-Calif.) laid bare the true motives behind the opposition from Republicans towards the bipartisan border bill.

During a House Judiciary Committee markup meeting, Swalwell addressed the opposition to the bill, stating that it is not based on any policy concerns but rather on the fact that Donald Trump opposes it. Swalwell sought to bring everyone back to reality and provide a historical perspective on the matter.

According to the speaker, Donald Trump opposes this particular issue. The reason behind this opposition is his desire to become the president. It is believed that Trump has 91 felony counts pending against him, and being elected as the president would potentially help him evade accountability for these charges.

Last month, Senate Republicans were persuaded by Trump to block the bill, as they believed that supporting a border deal would be advantageous to President Joe Biden in the upcoming November election.

Swalwell criticized Republicans who align with Trump, accusing the former president of prioritizing the issue over finding a solution.

Swalwell couldn’t help but express his disbelief, exclaiming, “Have you all lost your minds?” He pointed out the irony that Sen. James Lankford, known as the “second-most conservative member of the Senate,” was leading the negotiations for the bill on behalf of the GOP.

“He crafted a formidable border security bill that has emerged as the most stringent in the Senate. President Biden actively collaborated with him and other Democrats to seek a resolution, as they are committed to finding solutions rather than fueling chaos.”

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