Employees report customers engaging in shootout over money, leading to the closure of Wings restaurant

Two regular customers reportedly engaged in a shootout at a wings restaurant in DeKalb County, resulting in the restaurant’s closure on Wednesday morning according to employees.

During an interview with Channel 2, the workers at Atlanta’s Best Wings, located off Covington Highway, shared their experience of the police blocking the parking lot. Christian Jennings led the conversation with the employees.

According to the employees, two men entered the store and engaged in a heated argument over a dropped one-dollar bill. One of the men went outside briefly and returned to demand a five-dollar tip that he had just given to the employee.

Eyewitnesses reported that the two individuals engaged in a heated argument, which eventually escalated into gunfire. At present, there is no confirmation on the status of the men involved, as Channel 2 Action News has yet to receive any official word from DeKalb police.

According to the employees, a total of 10 shots were fired. Fortunately, no one else was injured, although there were other customers present at the time.

A local resident recounted his recent experience at the restaurant to Channel 2 Action News . According to him, he had arrived to pick up his order when he was unexpectedly asked to leave the premises.

As he indulged in some hot wings, he stumbled upon a man lying on the ground. Even before he knew it, the man asked him to leave the store, which he had just walked into. Suddenly, the situation escalated, and the police were on the scene in no time.

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