Florida couple receives roof repair gift after their homeowners insurance coverage is canceled

For almost half a century, Paulette and Elliot Thompson have called Clermont, Florida their home. They’ve faced numerous challenges over the years, but nothing quite like when their homeowner’s insurance provider decided to drop them due to the condition of their roof. However, thanks to a generous local company, the Thompsons were gifted with a brand new roof. FOX 35’s Morgan Parrish has all the details on their heartwarming story.

For almost half a century, Clermont has been home to both her and her husband, Elliot Thompson.

Their home insurance has been in place since they moved to Clermont. However, their insurance provider recently informed them that their policy would be cancelled due to the poor condition of their roof.

Thompson expressed his opinion on the matter, stating that he believes the insurance policy is outdated and no longer holds any responsibility. As he pointed out, his family has been with the same insurance company for the past 46 years.

The Thompsons went roof and insurance shopping, anticipating a hefty expense.

Paulette expressed her relief that she did not have to pay a thousand dollar deductible if the damage was caused by hail, fire, or a storm.

According to FOX 35, Florida homeowners face exorbitant insurance rates, which are among the highest in the nation. As per an insurance agent’s disclosure, the average Floridian homeowner has to pay an additional $4,000 annually compared to homeowners in other parts of the country.

Luckily, a nearby company became aware of the Thompsons’ situation and generously provided them with a brand new roof to ease their burden.

Initially, Elliot was skeptical as he believed that it was too good to be real.

“He assured me that it wasn’t some type of gimmick and that there was nothing to be afraid of in taking advantage of the offer for a free roof,” he said, recalling his initial reaction.

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