Emory University campus sees 28 arrests following establishment of protest encampments

At least 28 individuals were apprehended by law enforcement following demonstrations that took place on Emory University’s campus on Thursday.

NewsChopper 2 soared above the scene, capturing a significant presence of law enforcement officers. Channel 2’s Tom Regan, who was on the scene, observed Atlanta police officers, Emory campus police officers, and Georgia State Patrol troopers swiftly responding to the protests.

The Georgia Department of Public Safety issued a statement on Thursday evening, stating that at 8:30 a.m., the Emory Police Department and Atlanta Police Department sought the support of DPS in managing a protest taking place at Emory University.

When the Georgia State Troopers and Motor Carrier Officers arrived to disperse the protest, they encountered protestors who resorted to throwing bottles and refused to vacate the area.

According to a statement from Vice President for Public Safety Cheryl Elliott, Emory University reported that a total of 28 individuals were arrested, including 20 individuals who were part of the Emory community.

The Emory Police Department will be responsible for issuing any charges, as stated by the DPS.

According to reports, there have been claims that certain individuals have already been set free. The university, on the other hand, is actively collaborating with authorities to ensure the prompt release of the remaining community members who are still detained.

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