Arrests made near Supreme Court as abortion pill arguments approach

Thirteen protesters were arrested by Capitol Police on Tuesday morning for demonstrating against the Supreme Court’s review of restrictions on the abortion pill, mifepristone.

The Supreme Court justices are currently examining arguments regarding the lawfulness of the Food and Drug Administration’s decision to ease restrictions on accessing the abortion-inducing drug, mifepristone. This drug, which is part of a two-drug regimen for medication abortion, is widely used for terminating pregnancies in the United States.

According to Capitol Police, the 13 protesters were actively moving around the Capitol grounds and engaging in the illegal activity of blocking roads and a walkway.

According to a spokesperson from the Capitol Police, the group was given a warning by officers to cease blocking the walkway. However, they chose to disregard the warning, resulting in their subsequent arrest by our officers.

Large competing demonstrations took place outside the building throughout the morning. Sit-ins on sidewalks and roadways were staged by small groups of pro-abortion rights demonstrators.

The Center for Popular Democracy Action and the Women’s March both confirmed to ABC News that their members were the individuals arrested near the Supreme Court. According to Capitol Police, a total of 12 women and 1 man were taken into custody.

Rachel O’Leary Carmona, the Executive Director of the Women’s March, was among those arrested. In a statement to ABC News, Carmona emphasized the personal nature of the case, stating, “We couldn’t simply remain idle as our rights to bodily autonomy faced potential revocation.”

Scene on the ground

Sign-carrying demonstrators from opposing sides of the abortion debate passionately expressed their support or opposition to abortion access through chants and slogans. This demonstration highlighted the deep-seated emotions surrounding this contentious issue.

Amidst the fervent crowd, clad in white lab coats, and with unwavering determination, anti-abortion activists from Alliance Defending Freedom commenced their rally in close proximity to the Supreme Court, prior to the commencement of oral arguments.

Pro-abortion rights advocates took to the streets with signs that boldly declared “bans off our bodies” and “keep abortion legal.” These powerful messages echoed the sentiments of countless demonstrations that have taken place since the Supreme Court’s decision to eliminate constitutional protections for the procedure in 2022.

Protests like these have become increasingly frequent at the court and other locations during pivotal moments regarding reproductive rights. Activists from both sides of the debate are mobilizing to persuade lawmakers and judges to either impose stricter limitations or, conversely, facilitate access to abortion and other reproductive healthcare services.

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