Elementary school students in southwest Atlanta develop robots

In the parking lot of Gideons Elementary, located in Southwest Atlanta, what may appear to be child’s play is far from it.

“It’s a really complicated situation,” explained 5th grader Jace Williams during an interview with Channel 2’s Berndt Petersen.

Williams and her classmates collaborated to construct a robot.

Williams introduced the man as Gary.

Jeremiah Westover, a 4th grader, decided to give his team’s robot a creative and playful name – WALL-E Wonka, Junior.

According to Westover, the robot is equipped with a solar panel on its top. This solar panel is designed to absorb the sunlight and convert it into energy to power the robot’s wheels.

A group of 23 students from the school’s Gifted Program recently completed an intensive robotics crash course, showcasing their impressive results on Friday. These bright young minds are like a collection of future Elon Musks, ready to make a mark in the world of technology.

The school is located in the vibrant Pittsburgh community.

At this school, children in an underserved area face numerous hurdles, but the coordinator of the gifted program ensures that they overcome them with determination and resilience.

Coordinator Shanee Patterson believes that a person’s financial situation should not be a determining factor in their ability to succeed. According to her, all it takes is someone who is willing to show them what they are capable of, and they will be more than eager to participate and excel.

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