Drone Attack Causes Panic by Penetrating Record 800 Miles into Russian Territory

In a striking incident, a factory located in Russia, which had been implicated in the production of Iranian attack drones aimed at Ukraine, was targeted in an attack on Tuesday. Local authorities reported that at least 12 individuals sustained injuries during the assault.

In a bold and brazen early-morning attack, Russia’s third-largest oil refinery fell victim to the ongoing war in Ukraine. This attack, which took place in Tatarstan, a region located at least 800 miles from the frontline, marks the deepest incursion into Russian territory since the conflict began.

According to an unnamed source in Ukraine’s military, the recent attack in Yelabuga, Russia’s Republic of Tatarstan, was allegedly carried out by military intelligence using drones that resemble light aircraft. The footage of the attack, which has caused panic and shock, shows a small airplane-like object crashing into a building, resulting in flames and destruction. Although Kyiv has not officially claimed responsibility, if confirmed, this drone strike could have significant implications for Ukraine.

Authorities in Tatarstan reported that the building served as a dormitory for students and local workers. They stated that two of the injured individuals were only 17 years old. On the other hand, a source from Ukrainian intelligence, as quoted in Ukrainian media, claimed that the targeted facility was actually a factory involved in the assembly of Iranian-made Shahed drones.

According to a Ukrainian intelligence source, Tatneft’s Taneco refinery was targeted in the attack, as part of Kyiv’s strategy to impact Russia’s oil revenue. Russian authorities, on the other hand, have downplayed the incident, stating that production at the Taneco refinery remained unaffected.

Tatarstan’s leader Rustam Minnikhanov also stated on Telegram that the facility in Yelabuga did not suffer any significant damage.

Minnikhanov emphasized the importance of staying calm and not succumbing to the panic intentionally spread by the perpetrators of this crime.

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